Create your wardrobe for home & office quickly and comfortably

ENNBOX - an energizing set of clothes - the dressing room brought to your home

Within 10 min, choose your items with help from our stylist - Tell us what you miss in your wardrobe, what size you wear, what is your style and favourite colors

Order your ENNBOX, try on, choose and only then pay for the items you take. 

Quick process - 4 easy steps

How does ENNBOX work?


with a stylist

Set up a 10-min call or fill in an online survey. Your answers will help us create your personalized set - with up to 15 items inside! 


Try on your picks
at home

You have 5 days to try on the items, counting from the day they're delivered. We hope you like the whole set. But if not...


Return for

Fill in a short form - our courier will come pick up the parcel on your schedule. It's comletely free of charge.



Pay only for
what you take

You pay only for what you keep. Delivery and return shipping is always free. 


What do you get from ENNBOX?


Qiuck and convenient shopping from home


Personalised clothing that matches your
style and body type


Mix & match with
the items you already own to quickly create new looks


Only pay for
what you keep


  • 4-way stretch, breathable and wrinkle-free high-tech fabrics
  • classic, timeless design
  • reliable, long-lasting clothes
Set up a call with our stylist

Set up a call
with our stylist

The interview lasts about 10 minutes, during which we arrange:

✓ what clothes are missing
✓ what is your size and shape
✓ what is your style and favourite colors

About the brand

ENNBOW - business attire for active women

With its modern approach to business wear, ENNBOW combines technology with elegance to offer versatile, flattering and comfortable pieces to women with active lifestyle. We believe that by creating your professional appearance consciously, you can make your skills stand out – and thus gain respect and trust. Discover ENNBOW energizing business wear!



ENNBOW means...

Confidence & professionalism

classic desigh and high-tech fabric solutions make it wasy for you to style you comfort in a professional, business-ready way.


mix and match your items to create different look for numerous occasions: be it a business meeting, family gathering or hanging out with your friends.

Freshness throughout the day

antibactirial, thermoactive and breathable fabric ensures maximum comfort and self-confidence throughout the day. 

Functionality and

high-tech fabic makes ENNBOX clothes easy to maintain. Ditch the iron, just throw them into a washing machine. You can trust their reliability!


Book a call with our stylist

Try ENNBOX and receive up to 15 business wear items

Return or exchange quickly and conveniently

Fill out the form and we will do the rest. If you need advice, arrange a phone call with our stylist at your convenience.